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Like any good business startup memoir, our story starts…well, at the beginning.

Having experienced the rollercoaster journey of online dating myself and then finding my own perfect match (now 10 years and 2 children in on, I was intrigued with the whole online dating setup.

A lot of my friends had been dabbling with online dating without much success and as you’re reading this, you can probably resonate with the common issues – no matches/replies/messages or messages from people they didn’t feel were right and of course those unforgettable disastrous or awkward dates.

I started to apply my online dating knowledge and marketing skills to help my friends and they saw instant results; better quality dating experiences and meeting the kind of people that they were looking for. For some that were ‘marriage material’ or for the romantics – ‘finding the one’. There was also more success for those looking for something more casual as I helped link them up with like-minded people, rather than them having to have awkward conversations or going on dates to then discover that their date was looking for something more serious.

Not the usual blah blah.

From my own experience, I knew the power of a good profile and how half-hearted profile attempts will leave you with significantly fewer matches, messages and dates.

There is also a HUGE amount of competition out there, so you really need to sell your best qualities in an interesting way, whilst not sounding arrogant, which is a bit of an art. So, I nurtured their profile attempts into the tone they wanted to portray and sat back and happily watched the results roll in.

The overwhelming success my friends experienced prompted me to consider helping more people to improve their journeys through the minefield of online dating.

So, in 2012 I launched my online dating profile service (Fix My Profile) and since then there have been weddings, babies and more successful dates than Casanova, Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson combined.

Profile writers, assembled.

Since then, I have gone about assembling the best, most talented dating profile writers on the planet; a group of individuals that embodies what I hope to bring to the world.

We are truly passionate about helping people land their dream date. Our job is to help clients recognise and celebrate their uniqueness while providing expert guidance to demystify the complexities of online dating.

So, our revolution of freeing the world of online dating misery continues to thrive and we’re here to help people (just like you) to find love, dating success or whatever it is that you are looking for.


David Richards, founder and head-writer

Meet the profile pros that make you swipe right.

With thousands of profiles under our belt and over 11 years of experience, we know online dating like the back of our hand – we’re the best in the business.

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Co-founder & head writer

Writer, marketer, dad, entrepreneur and football trivia geek. Not necessarily in that order.

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Co-founder & Senior writer

Creative pragmatist, gourmet and juggler of many hobbies. A/B tests pizza in her free time.

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Photo guru

Master of photography. Dogs are the elite. Can be found staring wistfully at the sea or eating ice cream.

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Profile writer

Writer, nature lover and, most importantly, an experienced podcast listener.

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Expert profile finder and wine geek. Ironically, dislikes Matchmaker chocolate.

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Profile writer

Exotic tea drinker, creative writer, explorer and Terry Pratchett fan.

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